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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Classy & sexy makeup for monolids OR double eyelids!

I would like to thank my friend Miss V for being my "lab rat"! 
I had a fun time doing her makeup!

首先我想感谢我的朋友 V小姐做我的白老鼠. 

As always, the "after" photos. 
就如往常一样, "妆后" 照.

On Model's face:

Makeup Forever HD primer in (purple)
Makeup Forever Foundation *MODEL'S OWN*
Clinque all about eyes concealer (light)
M.A.C beauty powder (Oh So Fair)
M.A.C mineralize skin finish (Medium Dark)
M.A.C eyeshadow (Vanilla)

On Model's eyes:

Pixie Palatte *click to see swatches* (Number 5, 15, 9)
Stage eyeliner pencil (Golden Globe)
Stage liquid eyeliner (Eucalaptypus).
Brows:- K-palatte liquid eyebrow liner (Brown)
false eyelashes *MODEL'S OWN*
Double eyelid tape (Veron Chuang's)

On Model's lips:

M.A.C Lipstick (matte: Lady Danger)

FACE (脸部底妆)

This is V without any makeup on.
As you can see from the photo, I've already painted on where I've concealed, contoured& highlighted the areas of her face.
Of course, you'll need to apply some foundation/ primer prior to the application of the concealer& powders.
Gotta get your skin looking great first!

Click to my Foundation tutorial
Or if your skin is not suitable for foundation application,
Click to DIY your own tinted moisturizer or sunblock!

also, check out How to conceal if you'd like!

从照片上看,我已经涂鸦上了我遮暇, 修容, 打亮V小姐的脸的部分了.
当然,在还没上这些之前, 一定要上层粉底液, 或者隔离霜喔!
底妆要美,整个脸就会看起来水水的啦~ ^^

点这里去我的粉底液教学:- Click to my Foundation tutorial
Click to DIY your own tinted moisturizer or sunblock!

How to conceal

(After foundation application, concealing, contouring & highlighting)


EYES (眼妆)

As for the eyes, start off by priming your eyelids/ wearing a pair of enlargement contact lenses.

第一步, 戴上放大隐形眼镜,加上用眼底霜.

Then, using Stage's eyeliner pencil in Golden Globe, I apply it onto the eyelid.
You don't need to draw a fine line with this. Just apply it on till the hollows of the eye as I used this as a base to make the eyeshadows "pop" out even more.

用着Stage家的眼线笔, Golden Globe, 直接化在眼皮上面.
你不用把这条眼线化得很美~ 随便化到眼窝那边就行了,

Take an eyeshadow brush and dab Number 5 from the Pixie Palatte *click to see swatches*,
apply it on the front half part of the eyelid, until it reaches the hollows of the eyes.

拿一只眼影刷, 沾上Pixie Palatte *click to see swatches*的NUMBER 5,
刷在眼头至眼皮的中间, 刷到眼窝.

Take the same eyeshadow brush, and mix eyeshadow number 9, and number 15 from the Pixie Palatte,
apply it onto the back half of your eyelid.
Number 9 is a shimmery black, by mixing it with number 15 together,
you'll get a dark brown color with a dash of black in it. Which makes your eyeshadow color unique and stands out from the crowd.

拿那把同样的眼影刷, 把NUMBER 9,还有NUMBER 15的眼影参在一起,
NUMBER 9 是个亮黑色, 当把它跟NUMBER 15参在一起的时时候,
就会出现一个带黑的深褐色, 颜色会在众人中脱颖而出呢 =)

To stand out even more, try lining your eyeliner with a bright color! =D
Using Stage liquid eyeliner in the color Eucalaptypus, I drew a winged eye on Miss V.
Because she is a monolid, the eyeliner is drawn thicker than a normal eyeliner I would draw on myself .
Of course, start with a normal eyeliner first, then slowly add on thickness to you/ your model's eye.
The thing with eyeliner and monolids is, if you draw an eyeliner that is too fine or thin on a monolid, once you/ your model opens up her eyes, the eyeliner would look non- existent.

如果要让眼睛看起来更加的突出, 眼线液可以试试看用比较亮的颜色来化.
我用的是Stage眼线液, Eucalaptypus, 我在V小姐的眼睛化了个猫眼.
当然, 不要一次过化得太厚, mm们可以先从一个普通的猫眼开始化, 然后慢慢的加眼线的厚度.
眼线如果在单眼皮mm的眼睛上化得太细的话, 当你/model一睁开眼睛的时候,

As I would like to create a double eyelid on Miss V's eyes to "open" up her eyes,
I have applied on Double eyelid tape on Miss V's eyes.
I have took a piece of double eyelid tape, and cut it into half from the middle so it becomes a pair of double eyelid tape, A & B. after that, I've placed A on her crease to create a double eyelid.
To add more definition and make the double eyelid tape TOTALLY invisible to the eye, I've placed the other half of the double eyelid tape B to the back half  ON TOP of double eyelid tape A.
Please refer to the picture above ayeeee! ;D
How to apply double eyelid tape tutorial (Normal)

所以我就在她眼皮上粘了双眼皮贴.   *想购买点这里>Double eyelid tape<*
我拿了一片双眼皮贴, 然后从中间剪成一半, 然后它就变成了一对双眼皮贴.
分成A 跟B 了吧?  然后, 我把A 粘在眼睛的折痕上,就变成了双眼皮了.
如果要让眼睛看起来更加的深邃, 还有让双眼皮贴完全隐形, 我再把B 粘在A 的后半上方.
mm们不明白的话看上面的图片喔 :D

基本的双眼皮贴粘法 :-
How to apply double eyelid tape tutorial (Normal)

The final step!
Apply on some false lashes or mascara,
 take an eyebrow pencil and fill in your brows, and using Vanilla eyeshadow to highlight the browbone!

粘上假睫毛, 或者刷上一些睫毛膏,
拿一只眉笔, 填满眉毛的空隙, 还有用M.A.C的VANILLA眼影来打亮眉骨!


WAAALAAAHHH!! And you're done! :D
Credit's go to miss V on her personal photos.

就搞嚸啦!! =D



Told ya it was fun!! ;)

Hope you girls like this tutorial! 

哈哈, 真的很好玩啦~! ;)



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