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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to basics:How to put on double eyelid tape 怎么粘双眼皮贴


This tutorial is how I place my double eyelid tape on my eyelids. 
My first time doing a video tutorial whey! So forgive me if I don't sound logical. lol.
One version is in Mandarin, and one version is in Minglish (Malaysian English.XD)
Hope you peeps enjoy the video and successfully get the double eyelid effect! :D


我第一次做video教学勒,所以如果我听起来很口齿不清的话请原谅我. =.=
一个版本是华文版本, 另一个版本是英文版本. 
希望你们会喜欢~ 也顺利的粘到双眼皮~ :D

Basically, if you stick the eyelid tape on the place where I traced the line, it will be most likely that you'll
get your double eyelid :)

你大多数都能粘出双眼皮的. :)


  1. Nice vblog....Thanks for sharing

  2. Yan; thank you for you comment babe,mwaahh!!

    kimmy; awwwiee! thanks for the compliment, you have pretty eyes as well! intresting blogs you have there babe!

  3. woah realli help me a lots! thankie thankie !!

  4. Addy bunny, you're most welcome! :D thanks for your comment babe! :D