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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pixie Palatte (WITH REVIEW!!)

** REVIEW!!!!!!!!**

(From Facebook user Biibii! Thanks you for your review babe!:) )

Professional Matte finish surface palatte box!

Introducing the Pixie Palatte. 


With 15 gorgeous colours for you to work with! 6 bold eye shadow colours for that WOW look, 6 eyeshadow colours for smokey, sultry, sexy eye looks, and 3 neutral shadow colours for everyday looks! 
Like a pixe, you CAN turn from nice to naughty!

Swatches below!

6种调皮捣蛋的眼影色, 加迈6种猫眼烟熏妆必备色系,还有3种大地色系眼影让你像精灵般,
随心情的改变眼妆, 你可以淑女,也可以狂野!




影片试色!! :D

see how intensified and smooth the colours are? it glides onto the my skin smoothly with just ONE..ONE!!!! swatch!

你们看~颜色几显色下!! 而且在皮肤上的效果很顺滑! 还有还有!我用化妆刷在颜色滑了一下,试一次~~一次!!在手上就有酱的效果料哦!

Each eyeshadow size is approximately the size of  a 50 cent coin.. And that's alot of eyeshadow to last you given the intensity of the eyeshadows!


The price is quite a value for money too hor!
Price is RM69, inclusive of postage- pos laju nationwide! 
If you would like C.O.D (cash on delivery service), the palatte would be RM65.

价钱是RM69,包邮费! POSLAJU! 不管你住在马来西亚的哪个角落!

Let's calculate it this way.. I have friends that are makeup artists, in their acedamy, an eyeshadow itself would have already cost RM30- RM45 for just ONE colour.
 they bought this palatte from me too btw!

So you get 15 colours, for RM65...
RM65 / 15 = RM4.3 for one colour! 
isn't it a steal or what??!!

现在酱来算.. 我有朋友是做化妆师的, 在他们的学院里, 单单一粒眼影就要价RM30-RM45了!一种颜色而已吼~

RM65 除 15= 一个颜色才RM4.3!!!

Ready stock 5 palettes available! 

If you're interested please email me : togetherinparis@hotmail.my

如果你有兴趣的话请email我: togetherinparis@hotmail.my

*PS, I'm not really a fan of like.. unheard of brands of makeup products.. but I'll still give certain products a shot and try it for at least 2 weeks before I give my verdict.
Products that I post here would be tried,tested, and used on my skin,
and I myself certify it to be a good & useful product for everyone.
That's how I choose what to post.

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