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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Angela Baby 花儿说 MV Inspired Makeup look

Hey girls, I'm soooo sorry for not uploading any tutorials lately;
I've been darn busy with work; working 2 jobs lately so I'm like almost half dead.
To make it up to you, I'm gonna be a bit more hardworking on this tutorial and do not only the inspired eye makeup tutorial, but also a tutorial on the face.
Hope you like it :)

女人们~ 真的很抱歉~ 最近没上载教学~ >_<
因为工作真的很忙啊~ 一天打2份工, 表开玩笑啊~! 半条魂都差不多去掉了. = =

所以~ 为了补偿你们, 这次的教学我会努力一点点,
不只放眼妆的教学, 也顺便放了脸部的教学.
希望你们会喜欢. :)


Angela Baby's 花儿说 MV!!!!
Seriously! To print screen her eye makeup for you girls to see, 
I've paused at random moments and i can't find any angle of her that looks unflattering lorh!!NONE!
If you're wondering who is Angela Baby and why I'm so head over heels over her, watch this MV below. 


我完全找不到她一个不好看的角度乁!! 天啊~~好漂亮~~!
如果你不知道谁是ANGELABABY的话, 看看下面的MV喔~

And here are the print screens of her that I'm gonna be focusing on to do a makeup look inspired by A.B :)

然后这些是从MV的停格画面~ ^^

As usual, the "after" makeup look...

跟平常一样, "妆后"照在先~

(without flash)
(with flash)

(BOOOOO!!! CAMWHORE PIC!! muahahahaha!!)

I'm not sure if you can tell? but my left eye and right eye makeup aren't the same.
Read on and I'll tell you what!

我左眼, 跟右眼的眼妆是有点不一样喔!


As always, I start off with a clean eye + enlargement contact lenses.

跟平常一样, 带好放大隐形眼镜+ 干净的眼皮.

Next, I've usedM.A.C cream colored base  in Pearl.
Using my ring finger, I dabbed a bit of the color base; and swiped it all over my eyelid till the brow bone.

**now you don't have to use the same things as I've used, you can use any color base you want as long as it's close to your skin color, or even your eye primer to apply on your eyes. i'm using Pearl because it is the closest shade to my skin color, and it has an icy shimmer to it. Plus, because I've only applied a light amount of it to my skin to make my eyes look more"awakened", and using a primer/ eyeshadow base can let your eyeshadow lasts longer throughout the day. **

然后我用了M.A.C cream colored base, 颜色是PEARL,
用无名指沾一些COLOR BASE,然后涂满整个眼皮至眉骨.

**你不用跟我用一样的东西的~ 只要是接近你皮肤颜色的COLOR BASE,你都可以拿来用.
或者你有眼底霜也可以拿来代替COLOR BASE. 我会用PEARL是因为它最接近我皮肤的颜色. 然后又带一点点的光泽/亮度, 用一点会让我的眼睛看起来更有精神.
然后用一个眼底霜/ eyeshadow base可以让你的眼影更容易持久一整天**

Then, take an eyeshadow color that is almost as the same shade as your skintone, or a shade lighter,
brush it all over the eyelid till the brow bone. Try to use something that has only a bit of shimmer in it.
You can also use a matte eyeshadow if you like.

(I'm using my chanel quad err.. forgot the name of this particular color.)

现在拿一个接近你肤色的眼影, 或者比你肤色浅一号的眼影, 用一把眼影刷扫满整个眼皮至眉骨. 尽量用个不太多亮粉的眼影,有一点点的话没有关系的.  或者你也可以用个无闪粉眼影.

(我用的是CHANEL 4色眼影盘.)

then, taking a black eyeliner pencil, try to DRAW YOUR EYELINER AS CLOSE AND THIN AS POSSIBLE TO THE LASH LINE. Try GENTLY pulling your eyelid sideways abit to get to the empty parts.
I'm using black eyeliner today because in A.B's MV she looks like she's wearing black eyeliner instead of brown.

拿一只黑色的眼线笔,, 尽量把你的眼线可以化到几细还有靠近睫毛的根部就几靠近.

Next, take your black liquid eyeliner and just go over where you've lined the black eyeliner pencil.
when you get to the outer corner of your eyes, don't "flick or wing" your eyeliner,
instead, follow the shape of your eye and draw your liquid liner out just a bit longer at the ends, approximately 0.5 CM long. (erm I hope you get what I mean by looking at the pics)

拿你的黑色眼线液, 然后化过你刚才用眼线笔化过的地方.
然后你到眼尾的时候, 不要像平常化猫眼妆酱 在眼尾那边"翘"上去,
反而顺着你眼睛的形状, 用眼线液在眼尾部分拉长大概0.5cm 化下垂一点,营造轻微的下垂眼.

(K this is for me LEFT eye. this is suitable for girls with longer eyelashes/ girls who don't wish to use falsies.)

After I've curled my lashes, I've used  both wands of M.A.C's haute and naughty lash mascara,
You'll need to wiggle your mascara wand in a "Z" shape while you apply it onto your eyelashes. 
tip, if you want your eyelashes to stay sky high curly longer, wiggle your wand from the middle of the eyelash to the tip, then only start to wiggle it from the bottom. 
apply mascara on your lower lashes as well.

**try using 2 or 3 kinds of different lengthening/ volumizing mascara's instead of sticking to one mascara.
it really gives out a different effect!

(这是我化在左眼的眼妆. 这比较适合有长睫毛的女孩/不想带假睫毛的女孩)

夹了自己的睫毛后, 我用了 M.A.C haute and naughty lash睫毛膏的2 只睫毛膏.

小建议, 如果你要你的睫毛的翘度持久一些, 从你的眼睫毛的中间刷睫毛的顶端几次后,

***使用几种睫毛膏混在一起使用, 效果超不同的! 

Then,I've applied on double eyelid tape on my eyelids. As the inner corners of A.B's eyes are quite wide, it's impossible to achieve that look without using any double eyelid tape.
How to apply double eyelid tape tutorial
But today, I'm using a L sized double eyelid tape, I've cut off the yellow edges using method "B".
*Might be sharing some of the L sized double eyelid tape on blog for sale*

*For the moment, my usual S sized eyelid tapes are still for sale If you're interested in the double eyelid tapes I'm using click me!*


 然后呢我在眼皮上粘了双眼皮贴. 因为BABY的眼头很宽,
How to apply double eyelid tape tutorial <<粘双眼皮贴的教学.
不过今天我用的是L型的双眼皮贴. 我把黄色的边剪掉了, 用"B"的方法.
*可能会放一点L size的双眼皮贴来这边卖吧? :)*

*不过暂时,我平常卖的S size双眼皮贴都还有在~ If you're interested in the double eyelid tapes I'm using click me!* <<点这里*


TADAAA~~ you get THIS! ;D

登登登登~~你就有酱的效果啦! :D
This is how I did my final eye makeup for my RIGHT eye.
**Suitable for girls with shorter/lesser lashes or girls who wish to use falsies**
(P.S the eyelashes on my right eye is like, 30% shorter than my left eye.)

**适合眼睫毛比较少/短的女生. 或者想用假睫毛的女生**
(我右眼的睫毛比我左眼的睫毛短30% = =)

Take any pair of falsies that's natural looking in your makeup box,
and cut it into 3 portions. Then apply it with eyelash adhesive onto your upper lash line.

拿一对你最自然的假睫毛, 然后把它剪成3段.
然后在梗那边涂上一些假睫毛膏, 然后再粘在上眼线上.

Now, take your eyelash curler and curl the falsies with your real eyelash together.
And apply on mascara on your upper and lower lashes.
Please refer notes above on the mascara application.

然后, 拿你的睫毛夹, 把你的假睫毛跟你的真睫毛一起夹,
怎么刷呢? 看看上面的教学吧~:)



然后~~~就有酱的效果啦~~!! :D


Face Makeup Tutorial


I'm using Intense tinted sunscreen plus clinique all about eyes concealer on my face today,
if you don't have any tinted sunscreen.. you can
DIY your own tinted sunscreen or tinted moisturizer!!
As A.B's face visually looks like she has nothing on, it's like- poreless+ none cakey+ natural glow!

K maybe it's because her skin is already awesome to begin with.
But if you have a bit of a skin problem, you can try using a colored makeup base to even out your skin tone,
then take a concealer and conceal only the problem areas, and lightly dust a bit of loose powder over your face after that.

我今天在脸上用的是INTENSE防晒膏(有颜色的), 还有CLINIQUE的遮暇膏.
因为BABY的脸看起来好嫩~好像什么都没有涂在脸上似的~ 光光滑滑的!
不过如果你皮肤有点小问题的话, 你可以用看个有颜色的饰底乳来修饰你的肤色,
然后拿个遮暇膏来遮你皮肤上的痘痘. 再在脸上轻轻扫过一点松粉.

The picture above explains where I've applied my blusher, highlight, and contouring powder on my face in this tutorial :)
You can check out my blog post of How to contour+apply blusher+contour nose.

上面的这张照片画了我在脸上哪里扫上了腮红, 打亮, 还有修容粉. :)
如果你有时间的话可以参考下这里.  How to contour+apply blusher+contour nose.

As for my lips I've used a sweet pink lip gloss with a bit of irredescent gold shimmer in it. :)
you don't want the lip color to get too intense as A.B's lip color is quite sheer/ pinkish in her MV!

至于嘴唇方面, 我用了个带点细细的金色+甜甜饿粉红色的唇油.
不要用太鲜艳的颜色在嘴唇上, 因为BABY在她MV里的唇是带点透明粉红酱的颜色~

That's the end of my Angela Baby 花儿说 MV Inspired Makeup look,
I hope you girls like it!

喔呼呼! 我终于做完了~
我的ANGELABABY 花儿说 灵感妆~

Love, Veron Chuang.