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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"LUCKY" me.


OMG I'm so "LUCKY", rich folks from all around the world are dead 
and I've been "chosen" to inherit millions of $$. (5 TIMES)

AND some "royalty" from a random country is being hunted down by evil politicians&
she said she meditated for weeks until a higher power from above "showed" her my email address
 wants to transfer all her $ to my acc and let me hold on to it until she arrives to my country. (3 TIMES)

AND my email address has won an online lotteries THRICE!!
Convert all of em to MYR, I'M A BILLIONAIRE!! 

Online scams nowadays. PFFFFT. (-_-)

What's your most LOL-able online scam email you've received? 

**I have removed the emails + ref number+ first name of sender of the the scam mails**

I just cannot "tahan" these scam mails whether virtually or they just pass flyers around.
Once I've heard my friend told me she saw this really old man trying to put some torn up cash and coins into a cash deposit machine. She figured that he didn't know how to use it so she walked up to him and told him that the cash deposit machine doesn't accept coins, but she offered to help him change his coins. She also offered to teach him how to use the cash deposit machine. So he pulled out a flyer from his pocket and told her that it was to be deposited into that account. When she read what was on the flyer, she knew it instantly that it was a scam.(it was something like, bank in RM100 to us and you will definitely win at least  RM500!)She explained to the old man that it was a scam and you know what did the old man reply?With teary eyes, he told her that;"it's my last bit of savings..if I don't try; how would I win? I will win.. I must win."
it's sad really, when I heard this story :( 

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