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Saturday, March 5, 2011

3rd year :)

If you know me personally, 
I'm not that kind of girl that will post lovey dovey stuff of me and my man all over facebook/social networks;
I won't even express myself like I'm in a relationship.
in fact,some of my friends might not even know that i'm in one!Lol. 
But since it's our 3rd year together and an anniversary only happens once a year,
I shall silently post pictures and blog about how we spent it together in my blog.
I'm very sure that handsome/eligible/rich bachelors won't read or even know that I have a blog,
only my girlfriends do, SO NO THREAT! I'll STILL look single to them! XD

Nothing romantic though;
I was even mad mad MAD pissed off at him that day.
But I forgave him because I'm a sweet adorable compassionate person!
(after a VERY nice meal,small shopping spree,movies,and him consistently apologizing on the whole trip.)

A little bit of light on us;

We've been together for 3 years now,
I broke up with him once, but got back together after a few months of cool down time.
all this while, he has been nothing but great to me;
he is someone that can tolerate me at my worst,
and after being a mean bitch to him most of the time in the past,
he can still hug me and call me baby.
he is that kind of bf that, if he has only a dollar on him, he will spend 99cents on me just to get me a lollipop.
  he won't let me know how pressurized he is from work,
all these years I've only heard him talk about it 3 times.
wheres I've complained mine to him umpteen times. -_-"
he doesn't treat me like a princess at all.
more like a queen! lol.

K that is the level on "mushiness" I can type. Anymore I'll burst with disgust. = ="
*shivers me timbers*

Our anniversary was supposed to be on the 26th or 28th of feb.
(WHO REMEMBERS THE EXACT DATE LAH?! I know alot of you remember..)

I asked him out on the 26th,
told him WEEKS before the date that he'd better rest early on the 25th and get himself in good shape.
and you know lah, MEN, they always don't listen.
He out to have a drink with his friends the previous night until quite late I guess,
idk what he ate/drank, but he got food poisening on the day of our anniversary -_-"
typical. tsk tsk.
Anyway, being considerate,
I asked him at least 5 times if he was fit to go out before I dolled myself up.
I will understand one lah, at most change the date to some other day,
I was worried that he'll like, faint or something.
He said "I'M FINE!"
So we went to city square for lunch.

We had steam boat!
It was quite nice,
but a bit pricey because the picture above shows what I ordered and the bill came up to be RM89, for ONE person.
P.S, He didn't feel like eating so I finished everything. The portion isn't that big either.
After that I headed on to SASA to get me some shampoo,
he said he'll sit outside to wait for me.
As I finished buying it and walked out of the shop,
he told me he wanted to go home and rest.
I was like (-___-) ok.
but in my mind I was thinking wth wheyyyyyy!I FRIGGIN SPENT 1 WHOLE HOUR TO DOLL MYSELF UP AND NOW YOU TELL ME THIS?!?! we've only just ATE!!;(
Anyway I was in a super grey mood after he sent me home lah.
Said that he'll come pick me back up at 6pm.
**We don't go out on dates/shopping often, maybe 3 or 4 times a year MAX because I'm busy with my work and he's busy with his. At most we'll meet up for some lunch sometimes. So that explains why I was so
=(  **

He came pick me up at 6p.m, but you know girls lah,
it's hard to set our moods right.
like you're playing a nintendo game, you need to collect points to upgrade to the next level. to hit that level you have to kill a monster, make a unicorn cry, drink dog poop smoothie, step on voldemort's foot, etc etc,
and when you finally hit that level,  you see us   =D   !
(k doesn't make any sense BUT ANYWAY)

I told him to bring me to this restaurant that serves Italian food.
I've never been there before but my friend he pointed out to me once when we were passing through that particular street that the food there is amazing.
True enough, IT IS!
It's located in a quite place, but the customers there are mostly not local.
made him& I stand out like a thorn.
It costs way cheaper than chez papa / gianni's tratoria!
THAT is my new fav restaurant!
(Note I didn't catch the name of the restaurant. all i know is MAKAN!!)


Steak with a sauce that tastes like CHEESE!! and sauteed veg below the steak! OMG AWESOMENESS
Reminds me of something that I tasted in Hardrock hotel!
I miss penang ;(

Seafood Spagetthi

Close up of my awesome steak.

And after that meal I'm un-pissed!
I think that if you do piss anyone off unintentionally, 
treat them to a nice meal, 
they'll totally forget about their grudge against you!
(WORKS FOR ME!nom nom nommm)

2 days after, 
I've decided to get him an apology gift for being mean to him when he wasn't feeling well (it is a bit mean being pissed off at a sick person.. - -)
And also his overdue birthday+christmas+v-day+anniversary gift. 
He gave me gifts on every celebration so I think it was time to give something back to him. 

What's inside the red paper bag??

to keep you in suspense i've decided to show you my dinner.
a japanese cuisine restaurant that is run by a real japanese cook!
the sashimi is the FRESHEST i have tasted in my entire life. it's like- MELTING in my mouth!
(k i didn't catch the name either but i will go there again soon)

His 1st ever apple product. and Ipod. lol (Iphone I pad too expensive, can't afford lah)
he never understood why i spend so much time with my iphone,
downloading games+songs, talkbox/skype-ing with my friends,
now he does. muahaha.

he took part in a friendly badminton tournament,

He got 1st place and a trophy! :D
he said that never in his 29 years of life got a trophy before.
he was as hyper as a puppy when he told me how the match went and hugged it like a child with his blanket!


K, end of the anniversary story.
(yes that is all -.-)
time for me to sign off.

Love, Veron Chuang.