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Monday, March 21, 2011

trying to start a healthy lifestyle

I bought myself a pair of nike running shoes + nike dri fit shirt + ipod shuffle today. 
first time ever in my life that i've bought a pair of sport shoe and  a sport shirt! kind of excited!heh!
Trying to make an effort of living a more healthier lifestyle by going for weekly exercises with friends in the morning at the mutiara rini park. its a really nice park btw! 
MUTIARA RINI PARK pictures   <<here's a brief introduction to the park & location.

I like that place because it's surrounded with loads of greens, and they teach tai chi/ light aerobics for free too! 
if you're wondering why i'm not going to a gym, it's because 1stly i can't find a good gym that caters to my needs. 2ndly i exercise maybe only once a week, sometimes ONCE EVERY 6 MONTHS. lol. so if i sign up for a gym package i'll be only wasting my hard earned moo-lah :( 
but i do enjoy a good workout in the gym though- but the hunt goes on! 
i hope i can stay to my rountine of working out once a week, then slowly add my pace to twice a week.
ahhhhh but hoping is no use. I MUST DO IT WHEY! GAMBATEH!! 

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