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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm going down under!

Don't ask why but what comes into my mind of the country Australia- is koala bears. lol.

I'll be going to Melbourne on the 30th of March till the 3rd of April with my family!!! WHOPPIE!!! 



Since  I'll not be bringing my laptop, and I'll be leaving 80% of my makeup products at home,
makeup tutorials will be put on hold for a week or so.   =(
but but but! I will try uploading videos of skincare and hair tutorials instead. lol. faster that way. 
And if you have an enquiry on the makeup products that I sell please note that I'm going to be replying you whenever I find a wifi connection. apologies for that. 
BUT!! while I'm there, I might face some makeup ER and use like minimal makeup products to create a look!
muahahaha. I always feel that I don't bring enough makeup on a trip. But there's no definition of "enough makeup" for a us makeup lovers. XD

Anyway, I pray you guys are well, 

Love, Veron Chuang.

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