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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to conceal a tattoo 如何遮纹身



Halliew there! Today's tutorial is about how to conceal a tattoo. 
So I have a total of 7 tattoos all around my body, 5 of them which are visible, 2 are not (inked on using oil, thai scripture). 
Don't get me wrong, I do love my tattoos, it's just that sometimes, when you go for interviews, meet his/her parents, wedding dinners, meetings,  or certain job requirements do not accept tattooed people, 
it's a downside for us with tattoo sometimes :( 
but still, I don't regret it.  
Thus, I hope that I can help some of you out there with tattoos to temporarily hide em just in case
either scenario happens. 

哈咯各位~ 今天的教学是, 怎样遮纹身.
我全身上下总共有7个纹身, 5个是肉眼看得到的,2个是用油纹的,(泰国经文)
别误会我, 我很喜欢我的纹身, 只是有时候你要去应征/见对方的家长/有些工作不接受有纹身的人. 有时候有纹身不是很有利的事.
所以我希望这个VIDEO能帮到你们一些有纹身的人暂时性的遮掉纹身~ 如果有以上的事情发生的话~~

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