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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back2Basics:-How to apply false eyelashes

(How to apply false eyelashes Mandarin Version)

(How to apply false eyelashes English Version)

So before you apply on false eyelashes, you can choose to curl your real eyelashes and apply on mascara. 
(most people would recommend you to do that, but personally, I'm too lazy to do that.. usually I just apply the false eyelashes as close to the lash line as possible to make the whole thing look REAL. LOL)

(大多数的人都会建议你这么做, 不过我自己本身是个有点懒惰的人..通常我都是把假睫毛贴得很靠近自己真睫毛上的位置上,让整体感觉看起来像真的一样. XD)

And the reason why I've put the mirror below my chin and looked down is because it is SERIOUSLY easier for you to apply
on false eyelashes that way because you can "agak agak" where you wanna place the eyelashes. TRY IT AND YOU'LL SEE!

假睫毛. 你比较容易看到你粘的位置在哪里~

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