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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sucker Punch Inspired eye makeup tutorial!(Babydoll)

(Photos from Sucker Punch official trailer on youtube)
(照片来源来自sucker punch的正式预告片,youtube)

So this is the look from babydoll that inspired me to do this tutorial, 
it's not 100% the same as I've tweaked it a bit for the look to fit most eye shapes. 
as not everyone has babydoll's innocent looking eyes.
(her eyes look super innocent even without makeup! go google!)

Anyway, the eye makeup is super easy& fast to do!

As always, the "after photo"

这就是babydoll在戏里面的眼妆, 灵感也来自她.
就算没化妆都很无辜. = ="  所以我采取一点她的眼妆的灵感,再加入一点点适合大部分的人的眼形的化法的教学. :) 




First I have applied a cream colored eye makeup base to my eyelid, just right below the crease 
(right below the red line I've drew.) 
don't go above it.  (I'm using M.A.C's cream color base in Pearl.)
If you don't have a base, it's okay, just pat A BIT of concealer onto the lid. This will act as an eye primer/base.
why am I only focusing on this part? I'll tell you why in a jiffy.

首先我在眼皮的折痕下,眼皮上了一些有色眼霜. *就在我画红线的地方* 
不要超过那条红线. (我用的是M.A.C的有色眼霜- PEARL)
如果你没眼霜的化没关系, 你就在眼皮那边拍上一点遮遐膏就行了. 它也可以是一个PRIMER/BASE. 
为什么我专著于这个部分呢, 我多一下子告诉你. :) 

Using M01 from the earth palatte , (which is a white colored eyeshadow), PAT it onto the lid. right where you've applied your cream color base/ eyeshadow primer/base,
your colored base/ primer that you've applied earlier will make the color "pop" out,like this! 
as the white colored eyeshadow in the earth palatte isn't an intense white, patting it onto the lid+ a base below the eyeshadow helps to make the eyeshadow look more pigmented. 

用着earth palatte 里的M01, (白色眼影), 用一把眼影刷把颜色拍上去眼皮上. 就在你刚才涂上有色眼霜的那个地方. 
你的眼霜/遮遐膏会让那个眼影颜色看起来更加的显眼. 就像照片里的那样. 
因为earth palatte 里的白色眼影不是那种很深的白色, 在眼皮上面把颜色拍上去还有在眼影下上了一层眼霜会让眼影颜色看起来更显著.

Take a flat headed brush, and tap it into M15 & M10. which is a matte brown& light shimmer black color.
(by doing this the brown will neutralize the black color making it looking not too stern/ harsh on the eyes)
and apply it onto the hollows of your eyes. apply it right above the white eyeshadow,
 but DO NOT let the black eyeshadow touch the white eyeshadow.
If you have problem applying eyeshadow on the hollows of your eyes, imagine you're drawing a semi circle,
and go with the shape of your eye! easy! :D

用一把平头刷, 沾上一些M15+M10, (黑色+褐色)
然后把颜色刷在眼窝. 就是白色的上面.
如果你在化眼窝方面有一点困难的话, 你相象一下你跟住你眼球的形状化一个半圆形,应该会比较容易一点~ ;D

K if you still accidentally did mixed them together, it's no worries
you can still fix the look by patting the same white colored eyeshadow onto the lid/ onto the black eyeshadow.

还是有得救的, 就用同样的白色眼影拍在颜色被混合起来的地方.

Using the same M01, take another brush (I'm using a big eyeshadow brush) tap on some white eyeshadow, 
and brush it all over the browbone, and the front& back of the eye. by doing this you're also blending out the harsh lines of the dark colored eyeshadow. See the difference? :)

用着一样的白色 M01, 拿另外一把刷子, *我用的是一个比较大个的眼影刷* 
拍上一些白色眼影. 然后左右扫过眉骨,酱做的话你也是把黑色眼影看起来框住你眼睛的粗线混出去了. 看得出差别吗? :)

and draw on a winged eyeliner  <<click here for tutorial
put on some false eyelashes and you're almost done! 

然后就化上猫眼线winged eyeliner,
放上一对假睫毛, 你就差不多要完成了眼妆咯!

Using the M06 from the earth palatte, take an eyeshadow applicator and tap some silver glitter color onto the tip of the applicator and line it on the front of the eye. close to the tearduct. 

and using the same brown from M05, take an eyeshadow brush and brush the brown onto the back half of your lower eyeliner.

And you can choose to apply on double eyelid tape or not :) 
I did !

用earth palatte里的M06, 拿一把眼影刷沾上, 然后把那银白色的眼影粉拍在眼头上. 

然后用着同样的褐色M05, 拿一把眼影刷把褐色刷在你后半部分的下眼线上.

然后你可以选择要不要粘上双眼皮贴. =)


例如 Make Me Sin 的颜色! :)

As for the lips, you girls could try to use a baby pink color,
like the color of Make Me Sin

And it's DONE!!! :D

Hope you girls like it! 


希望mm们喜欢! ;)

Love, Veron Chuang

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