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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Weekly Hair Treatment Rountine.



This was what I meant when said "wrap my hair up after washing my hair*

JUST IN CASE you don't know how to wrap your hair

1) Bend over and Flip your hair over your head so it's in front of your face. Like the ghost from THE RING. lol

2) Wrap the towel around your head and over your hair

3) Twist your hair in the towel until your hair is completely wrapped.

4) Flip it back over your head



1)整个人弯下来, 然后把头发全部扫去你脸的前面. 这时候你就会看起来像祯子.

2)把毛巾盖在头发上, 把头发包起来. 

3) 把毛巾跟头发卷在一起. 


Love, Veron Chuang

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