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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lippies- Mounlin Rouge Series

Hey girls! As I've mentioned in a recent blogpost,
I might be uploading a few more new makeup products for sale right? :D
Here's a bit of the products up for grabs first. 

Which are... LIPGLOSSES! 
What made me get a these few babies, is because of the quality. 
It glides on my lips nicely and it moisturizes well!
The color payoff is sheer, but it does the job on giving a hint of color on the lips,
Most importantly.. it doesn't friggin chap my lips!

各位Mm们好吖~ 最近我不是有提到,
我可能会放几样新的化妆产品来卖吗~? :D
我先放上一些先~ ^^

在我嘴唇上面的感觉就是; 很滋润,然后光感也很好 ^^
颜色很轻透, 但是还是有一定的颜色,又不会很厚重. 
重点是.. 它不会让我嘴唇脱皮!

Starting From Below (从下往上):

Kissable Me         15ml
Show a Little Skin15ml
Diamonds&Lust   15ml
Make Me Sin       15ml


Let me show you my lips without anything on first. 
If you're wondering why are my lips looking so dull and black, it's because of years of smoking.
So peeps don't smoke so much aye? Just LOOK at my lips =_=
The chapped parts are formed because I don't drink enough water on a daily basis, maybe only 800ml tops a day = =
So peeps please drink at least 1 liter of water daily. Just LOOK at my lips. pfft!

*No other lipstick/ lip tint/ lip balm, or whatsoever lip products were used on my lips prior to product application.*

如果你好奇为什么我的唇的颜色那么黑那么暗, 其实是因为我抽烟抽很多年了啦.
所以大家别抽太多烟. 看我唇就知道了. = =
所以大家也请喝多一点水.看我的唇就知道了! +_+!!





Kissable Me    15ml    (RM26)

Kissable me is a plain non-colored lip gloss, a must have in every makeup collection. 
that has a hint of mild Lemon flavor in it. 
What I like about this lip gloss it's because after sitting on your lips for a while,
it looks like a healthy shine from your lips that makes you want to *SMOOOOOCCHH!!* 
and look at the instant moisturized effect.
Plus, did you notice that it doesn't sink into the fine lines of my lips? ;)

Kissable Me 是一个透明的唇密, 洋溢着淡淡的柠檬味道
Kissable Me的特点是, 在唇上呆了一下后,
唇看起有着来从里到外的光泽感, 让人想亲下去呢~
而且它也不会沉进唇上的细纹! :)




Show A Little Skin   15ml     (RM26)

Show A Little Skin is the colored version of Kissable Me.
the same moisturizing effect and it also has a hint of mild Lemon flavor in it.
the color of Show A Little Skin reminds me of a glass of strawberry milkshake.
smooth,sweet and yummeh!!!

Show A Little Skin是Kissable Me的粉红版.
一样的滋润程度, 也一样散发出淡淡的柠檬味.
Show A Little Skin的颜色让我想起来我爱喝的草莓奶汐~




Diamonds and Lust   15ml     (RM26)

Diamonds and Lust,
it has a hint of mild lemon flavor to it as well,
oooh it looks like it has a blue undertone to it right?
but nope, like a diamond,
it's actually a silver fine glitter with an iridescence color, but when it hits the light,
it looks like it has a blue undertone to it.
what's so good about a blue undertone?
because a lip product with a blue undertone makes the surrounding skin appear glowing,
and it's effective to make the teeth appear visually whiter!
**ba blingggg!!**
and don't worry, the glitter isn't chunky/ big at all.

Diamonds and Lust,
其实不是~ 像钻石一样,
它其实是银色的细粉, 当它被光打到的时候,看起来就有点带蓝.



Make Me Sin    (15ml)     RM26

This lipgloss was what I've used in my AngelaBaby inspired tutorial to finish off the look.
with a hint of mild lemon flavor to it,
Make Me Sin is the most pigmented in color out of all 4 lippies of the Moulin Rouge series.
and it has gold fine glitter with an iridescence color.
but don't let the color scare you off;
as I've mentioned earlier, the color payoff of all the lippies are sheer, but they do posses enough of a punch to give a hint of color of the lips.
Look at my before& after pictures to get what I mean ;P

and don't worry, the glitter isn't chunky/ big at all. =)

这支唇密是我在AngelaBaby inspired tutorial里面用的唇密.
就如我刚才所说, 4只唇密的颜色都不会很艳, 可是又够颜色让唇看起来健康. :)


If you're interested in the product : How to order. CLICK ME!

I hope you girls like these products that I've chosen to sell :)

请点这里. How to order. CLICK ME!

希望你们会场喜欢这次卖的产品. ;)

Love, Veron Chuang.

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