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Thursday, December 29, 2011

EASY Masquarade Makeup! (I'M BACK!!)


(K I must sound like I'm shouting to an audience of empty seats right now as I've left this blog empty for months)

I won't make any excuses but to tell you the truth,
I had a few rough months while I was "away". 
Well, not financially but emotionally.
 You know there's always these few "emo" times when you've just broke up aye?
Some get back on their feet fast and some people just need to take a bit more time to heal;
For my case it took quite a while.
NOTHING inspired me to do any makeup tutorials; for a while, I didn't even have the courage to pick up my makeup brush and start doing makeup because I'd thought that I sucked, I'm a wasted space that's walking the earth, and was a useless girl so that's why we broke up. But you know, there's a saying; there's a reason why all the doors are closed, so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road. Looking back, I'm glad that we broke up, because for the past few months that I was away, I've finally been living "in the moment" and enjoyed every second of my life.
I took up pole dancing and started to jog and go mountain climbing, so my health is so much better than before, learnt how to bake darn yummy cakes online (omg should i actually make cake tutorials?!)
,learnt a few piano songs,started learning a new langguage,went travelling with friends often and I'm now a good driver! (Till May I had a car license but I'd never drive).
 So girls, the point is;
Tragedies happen. What are you gonna do? Give up? Quit? No. I realize now that when your heart breaks, you gotta fight like hell to make sure you’re still alive because you are, and the pain you feel, that’s life. The confusion and fear, that’s there to remind you that somewhere out there’s something better and that something is worth fighting for. We only live once. Live life, love life! <3

哈咯美眉们~! <3
(啊啊啊... 好像对空气说话似的; 我把这个部落放空放太太太久了!)

欸.. 我打了英文的解释后,有点小懒惰翻译成华文捏. XD
想知道的话就看上面英文的吧~ 好吗好吗? =)




Your favourite before& after pics! 




Products I've used:-

Enlargement contact lenses, 
M.A.C Vanilla eyeshadow,
random black eyeliner gel that I found in my makeup box, 
STAGE eyeshadow (matte black),  
EMPRO liquid eyeliner (black), 
Earth palatte, 
STAGE liquid eyeliner(glitter)
Double eyelid tape
false lashes.

Face:- Shu Uemura mousse makeup base (PINK)
  ZING! concealer.


M.A.C Vanilla 眼影
黑色眼线膏 (牌子跌掉了)
STAGE 黑色眼影 (用没有亮粉的黑色眼影就可以了.)
STAGE 眼线液 (银亮粉)

SHU UEMURA 打底慕丝 (粉红色)
ZING! 遮遐膏.

I started off with putting on my contact lenses, 
then slabbed Shu Uemura mousse makeup base (PINK) all over the face.
There. looks better.


I used ZING! concealer, number Y-1 for my under eye circles.
 ( If you would like to read about how to use color correctors& concealers, click HERE:-http://slapclapkiss.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-to-use-color-correctors-concealer.html )

然后我用了ZING! 遮遐膏, 编号Y-1遮黑眼圈.

Using a matte white eyeshadow, brush it all over your eyelid.
I do it because it evens out the skin tone of my eyelid!
my eyelid skin looks darker than the skin on my face ;(


用一个白色的眼影, 轻扫于整个眼皮.
所以必须平衡出那肤色. ;(


Stick on double eyelid tape! 

I have also done a tutorial on how to stick on double eyelid tape HERE:-
 invisible double sided eyelid tape tutorial

 double sided eyelid tape tutorial



(我的双眼皮贴教学点这里:-双眼皮贴教学.   或者.  双面双眼皮贴教学)

Then, draw 2 "holes" for the eye area of your masquarade mask. 
Now you could draw 2 circles, but I personally think that it would look better if you drew it a bit oval with a cats eye "flick" at the ends of the eyes. It's really easy to draw, imagine doing your normal eyeliner but outside of the eyelids! and don't worry about getting a bit messy! we'll fix it later! 

现在画2个"洞", 这2个洞是做面具的眼睛的部分~
如果要简单一些, 你可以画2个圆圈, 不过我个人觉得如果把它画椭圆一些, 然后在眼尾部分画"翘" 起来, 会更加漂亮. 其实真的不难画, 想象你平常画眼线的步骤, 不过是在眼皮上化! 

 then draw a "U / V" shape on the bridge of your nose. I would say about 1.5cm- 2 cmc away from the "holes" of the eyes? it'll give you an illusion of a more higher/ pointy nose bridge! 

然后在鼻梁上画个 "U / V" 字! 大概离眼睛的"洞" 1.5公分-2公分左右!

 Then, take your liquid eyeliner and SLOWLY!! draw the outline of the masquarade!
 remember you can draw it in ANY shape you want.  
You can use masquarades masks photos from google as references on the shapes =)
拿起你的眼线液, 然后慢慢的把面具的线条化出来!
我这个面具的灵感是找了google几张照片后大概跟着形状画出来的. =)

 take a black eyeliner gel (you can use an eyeliner pencil as well but it takes up more time), and fill in all the blank spaces of the mask!

拿你的眼线膏, (你也可以用眼线笔, 不过会比较费时), 然后填满整个面具的空白!

Take a MATTE black eyeshadow, dab your eyeshadow brush in it, 
and press it against the areas that you've used eyeliner gel on. 

拿起你的眼影刷,用黑色的眼影, 然后轻按在刚才你们用眼线膏填满过的地方.

then use your liquid eyeliner and line the outline of the mask again.


 Now, do your eye makeup as normal! 
For me I chose to do a simple winged eye look! 
If you're opting for this look as well, for the "flick", you can use the ends of the "eye hole" of the masquarade mask as a guide.
Here's also one of my tutorials on how to do a winged eye look! 

小提示:- 你可以用面具眼睛的洞的眼尾部分当作一个化眼线的指南喔. 
我之前做过了化眼线的教学, 点这里:

then add on false lashes! I've also drawn "fake lashes" on my lower water line!
I used the same technique in this tutorial!


k here comes the fun part!
decorate your masquarade mask!!! 
you can add ANYTHING to it!
for my mask, I used a gold coloured eyeshadow, sprayed a bit of water on my makeup brush, and started drawing!  for the silver mini dots, i simply used a silver coloured glittery eyeliner and lined the mask with it!
easy right??

我自己是用了个金色的眼影, 然后在化装刷上沾了一点水, 然后就开始化了!
那些小银点是我用银色的眼线液化出来的. 就这么简单~ =) 

That's the end of this tutorial!
I promise that I'll try my best to update more! =)
 follow me if you like my work! <3

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Love, Veron Chuang

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