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Friday, December 31, 2010

Lena Fuji+ Tsubasa Masuwaka Inspired Makeup! Lena+益若翼的妆!

Haliew peeps! 2010 is gonna end soon, so this is my present to everyone out there that loves fashion and makeup like I do! Today's look is inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka, and Lena Fuji!
Both very popular Japanese Models! 

哈咯大家好~ 2010 年快要完了~ 今天的妆是要送给那些跟我一样喜欢化妆还有潮流服饰的大家2010年终之前的礼物~ :) 
今天的妆灵感来自益若翼还有Lena Fuji, 两位在日本很红的麻豆!

Here's a few photos of the end result:



You can wear this look with diffrent styles, Red/pink/nude lips too! very versatile!

                       你可以用这妆做很多不同的造型~ 红/粉红/裸唇都行! 很容易搭配!



First, Start off with a clean face :D remember to use a moisturizer! 
(Yes I'm in my P.J's! lol)

首先,  先把脸洗干净, 然后记得用滋润霜喔! 
(是滴我在穿睡衣! XD)

Contact Lenses are optional, I ALWAYS wear contact lenses especially those with iris enlargement ones cause you see, I have a small iris and I look damn sleepy without contact lenses.But I'll always recommend wearing contacts lah.

隐形眼镜你要带不要带都行.我自己本身一定会配戴隐形眼镜啦. 尤其是瞳孔放大的隐形眼镜. 因为我的瞳孔很小. 没戴的话眼睛会看起来累累的. 不过我每次一定推荐戴隐形眼镜的啦. 

For my face today I'm not going to use any foundation because I'm having like- breakouts on my chin. 
Hmm.. come to think of it,Even on days that I need to makeup I rarely use foundation cause I want my skin to breathe, I use sunblock / makeup base with SPF usually the ones that I use have a hint of colour to it like blue/pink/purple toned. makes skin looks more radiant/ fair. gives me a better "GLOW" than foundations!
 Today I'm using Albion Super UV Cut Control Base with SPF 30.

今天在我脸上我不会使用粉底~ 因为我下巴生了一些豆豆. = =
(不过想想下, 平常我也很少用粉底因为我喜欢让皮肤呼吸多些~ 与其粉底,我比较喜欢使用防晒膏或者有spf 成分的底霜*makeup base*, 有一点颜色的那种~ 例如 蓝/粉红/紫色的那种, 会让皮肤看起来比较有光泽/白. 对我来说比起粉底,会让我皮肤更"亮"! 
今天我使用的是Albion Super UV Cut Control Base 防晒 SPF 30

After your foundation routine (or my sunblock), put on some concealer under the eyes to hide those panda eyes! Notice that I'm looking upwards while I'm applying concealer? If you do this, the application would be very smooth and the concealer won't look cakey/ go inside the small wrinkles/cracks under your eyes.

PS. DO NOT slide or rub the concealer onto your under eyes, pat it on with your ring finger or with a makeup brush! from left to right or either way that suits you.

上完你的底了之后, 在有黑眼圈的地方拍上遮暇膏遮黑眼圈. 如果你睡眠足够或者是那种天生没有眼圈的确幸运儿... 我讨厌你. = = 你就跳掉这步骤吧. 
如果你们有注意到的话, 我拍黑眼圈的时候眼睛往上看, 原因是如果你酱做, 上完时会看起来很顺, 不会粉粉酱, 也不会卡粉. 
注意: 千万不要用涂/抹的方式上遮暇膏. 用你的无名指轻拍上去或者用刷子拍上去. 记得要用拍的! 左边到右边或者右边到左边喜欢你~

K at least I look a little bit more awake now right?


Now I'm prepping my eyelids with M.A.C Prep+ Prime (I'm colour LIGHT) eye primer
The reason I'm doing this is 1,makes eyeshadow stay on longer. 2, I have serious dark eye circles, even my upper lids are DARK! Using a  primer evens out my eyelid color!

我做这个步骤的原因是 1,让我眼影在眼皮上更加持久, 2,我有很严重的黑眼圈,连眼皮都满黑的. = =" 用这个会让我的眼皮肤色浅些~

Using M.A.C Eyeshadow in Vanilla, I took an eyeshadow brush and brushed it all over my eyelid till the brow bone.  If you don't have this colour, you can also use any light colour/ highlighter for the eyes.

用着M.A.C Vanilla眼影,我拿了一把眼影刷, 沾了眼影后, 往整个眼皮至眉骨扫过.
如果你没有这个颜色的话, 你可以使用任何接近这颜色(浅白/皮肤色) 的眼影来代替.

I'm going to be using double eyelid tape for this look today but it's optional for you if you don't wanna use it if you already have a double eyelid!

今天这妆我会在眼皮上粘双眼皮贴, 不过如果你已经有双眼皮不要粘的话也没有关系啦~ 

Then, using a colour like the picture above pat it over the whole eyelid till the crease. This is kinda like a Light Brown colour. Any light brown colour will do! :)
If you're not sure where your crease is, take a brush or your finger, close your eyes and VERY GENTLY poke your eyeball area until you find the tip of your eyeball. Basically it's like a curve or a hollow. And that's your crease.

然后, 用个接近上面图片的颜色,  往眼皮至眼皮折痕处拍上. 我使用的颜色是个浅褐色. 任何浅褐色都能用喔! :)
如果你不清楚你的折痕在哪里, 你可以拿把眼影刷或者用手指, 盖眼睛,往眼珠的部位 轻轻的插, 眼珠的顶端,有点空洞/有点弯, 那就是你的折痕了.
  If you find that there's a harsh line after you apply the eyeshadow like the picture on the LEFT, DON'T PANIC.. get a beer. RELAX AND CHILL~ you can take a rounded eye brush and blend it out like the picture on the RIGHT! just use the brush and do circular motions from the harsh line till outwards!  

如果你上了眼影后觉得不太自然,像左边的图片, 很可能是因为颜色上了后好像把你整个眼睛筐起来不太自然.
别担心, 有救的. 你可以拿把圆形的眼影刷,   然后从你觉得不自然的地方开始往外画圈圈,如右边的图片一样~

pat it on your under water line. The point of doing this to to create a wee bit of eyebaggy look so you have that innoccent "awwww~" look! 
       在平常化下眼线的地方扫上. 为什么要酱做勒, 是要创造出有点小眼袋酱的感觉,   让你有种无辜的眼神~

Using a DARKER shade of brown, pat it all over the eyelid. Take a brush and BLEND both light and dark brown together! 

用个比较深的褐色, 往整个眼皮上刷/拍.  拿把眼影刷把浅褐跟深褐两个用刚才拿刷子在眼影上转圈圈的方式混合在一起!

Lastly, take a shade of colour that's close to brown-black and pat it on your under water line.
Doing this will make you get that sexy sultry look that Lena has.  

最后, 拿个接近黑色的深褐色在平常化下眼线的地方扫上. 
Left : step 1               Right: step 2 

Step : 3 

Use an eyeliner pencil and draw a line on your upper lid It doesn't need to be perfect as you see on the picture on the right, we're gonna smoke it out with a cotton bud so it'll look kinda like the picture above. 

用只眼线笔, 在平常化上眼线的地方化条眼线. 不用化得太完美, 因为在右手边的图片里, 我们会将眼线晕开~ 你的眼睛大概就会看到像以上的图片了~

Take your liquid eyeliner OR gel liner if you'd like, go over the upper eyeliner that you drew just now. and create a winged eye at the end. 
CLICK HERE for a brief tip to create a winged eye. 
I'll upload a tutorial soon. :)

拿你的眼线液或者眼线膏, 往刚刚用眼线笔化还有晕出来的上眼线.化个猫眼.
CLICK HERE   <<点那个去看看个快速毛眼教学. 不是很详细,不过我会尽快上载教学.:)

Take your mascara wand and start painting on mascara onto your lower lashes. 
Steady your hand! ;)

拿你的睫毛膏开始往你的下睫毛涂, 手要稳喔! ;)

Left                       Right

A TRICK to make your lower lashes appear more, 
is to take a liquid eyeliner, and dot a few dots on your water line. i did 4 dots. 
Observe picture on the left for where to place the dots, and picture right for the result.

让下睫毛看起来更加浓密的其中一个小秘诀是, 拿你的眼线液, 在化下眼线的地方点几个点.
我右手边的图片是点了4个点.   左手边的图片是我在哪里点.

Put on some falsies..... AND WALLAHHH! end of eye makeup tutorial!
Fake eyelashes (I'm using "Grazer" eyelashes. can be bought at SASA for RM.7.90! highly recommend as the lashes feel comfortable & soft to the lashline but not too flimsy! 

粘上假睫毛后.... 眼妆教学就大功告成了!


Lena has a very sharp face, like a V word. To achieve that, Use a contouring powder, 
do the facial expresion that I'm doing, and brush the contouring powder from basically below your earlobe till almost reaching the lips. 

Lena的脸很尖~ 很像个V字酱. 要达到她的脸型, 用修容粉, 做我做的嘟嘴动作, 从你的耳垂下方开始刷至接近嘴唇的地方

Brush on blusher right below the eyes (technically speaking below the dark eye circles) to look more sweeter :) 

腮红扫在眼睛下方会看起来更甜美喔 :)

 Brush on contouring powder on the sides of the nose and blend it out. It'll look very natural 


Taking a highlight colour, I'm using M.A.C Shroom, swab it on your ring finger and glide it onto the nose tip and bridge. 
用个打亮的眼影或颜色, 用无名指沾颜色后往鼻梁至鼻头抹上.
 LASTTTTTLYYY!! Lena's famous moles beside the lips!! Take a sharp brush OR cotton bud, dap it into some eyeliner gel, and gently dap it onto the place where you wanna place the mole!
You can use liquid eyeliner if you want, just VERY GENTLY touch the place where you wish to place the mole once and you got it! :)

最后,是LENA很有名的痔! 拿只尖刷或者绵花棒, 沾点眼线胶, 然后点上你要那颗痔在的地方!
你也可以使用眼线掖, 只是要很蜻蜓点水的点下你要放痔的地方哦! 

hope you peeps enjoyed it! 


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